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DOT is a multifunctional, creative (meeting) place in Groningen, located in the pleasant Ebbingekwartier.
DOT is open 7 days a week from 11.00.


Our spacious gastrobar is a wonderful place suitable for coffee, tea, lunch, a drink or dinner. See how our chef prepares the dishes in the charcoal-fired Josper grill and listen to background music from our DJs or live musicians.

On the first floor, the foyer (with its own bar) is ideal for private events, lectures, meetings and other types of meetings, varying from 10 to 250 people.

On the second floor is the beautiful Dome, a breathtaking film and theater hall, decorated with 234 luxurious chairs. Weekly films and planetarium performances are programmed, both in 2D and 3D. The Dome also offers space for speakers, symposiums, theater performances and bands. The room is equipped with a high tech 3D digital sound system (60 speakers and 4 subwoofers) and has a RGB programmable lighting system.

Depending on the setup, the maximum capacity of DOT is 650 persons. The attractive outdoor terrace offers another 200 additional guests. In the summer months, adjacent to DOT, the attractive city beach of Groningen, named by Lonely Planet, rises.



    Warm pita bread with hummus and dukkah

  • vampire 6 ⁵

    garlic bread

  • Flying dutchman 9⁵

    open sandwich with dutch goat cheese, mushrooms and mayonaise

  • i double dare u 16⁵

    chicken pieces on a waffle with sticky bacon

  • puffed indian 11

    bhelpuri; crunchy Indian salad with pomegranate and puffed rice

  • pure sex 3⁵

    oysters from nam kee (apiece)

  • The builder 14

    soft taco with quasacaca, carnitas and fried shrimps

  • like Memphis the d 19

    soft bun with thymus truffle croquette and sky commanders sauce (2 pieces)

  • return of the legend 16⁵

    butterchicken with bread and rice

  • oh no, u don't tabmc 18

    Jerk chicken with sweet corn and arroz moro

  • el clàsico 14

    classic burger with fries

  • The boathouse 17⁵

    patatas bravas with gambas and sucuk

  • like my mama said 11

    cajun roasted pumpkin with honey and butter

  • The saltman 45

    24-hour cooked short-rib with coriander, lays chips and sandwiches (2 persons)

  • bootzilla 12

    Tom Kha Kai with udon, soft egg and crispy pork

  • the veggie one 14

    bibimbap, rice bowl with lots of vegetables

  • the Maxican 8

    fries with guacamole, cheesy sauce and naggo

  • double p 6

    fries parmasan with truffle mayonnaise

  • side salad 4⁵

    fresh salad with dressing

till 17.00 SPECIALS

  • dot bun €8.50

    meat, fish or veggie (available till 17.00)


  • The dream 6

    churros nutella with disco dip and a balloon

  • the elephant 6

    crème brûlèe with toffee and rolo's

  • The skeleton 6

    pumpkin in a jar-0

  • the Vince

    5 $ milkshake passion

  • dot cookie 3⁵

    big ass cookie

  • dot pie 4

    changes weekly


  • bitterballs (8 pieces) 6⁵
  • papadum with dip 4
  • Sneuzels (5 Pieces) 5⁵
  • nachos with cheese & salsa 7⁵
  • onion rings with american sauce 6
  • oysters from nam kee (apiece) 3⁵

A unique experience

In DOT you can dance at the best parties, swoon away at the biggest movie classics and go with your kids to a cozy theater performance. In short: DOT is for all ages.

Our events take place on the ground floor and / or on the terrace that is linked to the city beach of Groningen. On the second floor is our spectacular DOT Dome Cinema.

The Dome Cinema is a breathtaking film and theater room, decorated with 234 luxurious seats and a truly unique 3D sound system. Weekly films and planetarium performances are programmed. You can also experience, see and experience full-dome shows. These are projections on a 360-degree screen which creates a unique experience where you are, as it were, in the performance. Became curious? View our agenda here.

DOT Agenda

DOT regularly organizes events of a different nature. Below the current list. You can find more information on Facebook and you can sign up.

More information?


Phone : +31 (0)50 2112 514
Mail : info@dotgroningen.nl 


Vrydemalaan 2
9713 WS, Groningen


Monday to Sunday from  11:00

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